Who we are

Symbiotic EnviroTek was founded in 2008, with the goal to develop and commercialize an economically scalable algae cultivation solution that is: 1) capable of operating outside in temperate or inclement weather conditions without requiring additional cover structures or shelters; and 2) is economically scalable and has commercially sustainable global reach.

In the spring of 2010, Symbiotic performed a three-month field trial to study the system’s capacity to grow algae in the colder and lower natural light conditions of Calgary, Alberta. A single 106m3 photobioreactor module was used for the study, which yielded results that supported continued development. Symbiotic has since been working with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of engineers, microbiologist, biochemist, photon scientists and business professionals to optimise the design, and to test and validate the system’s performance. Symbiotic has formed collaborations with academic institutions and relevant research organizations, which focused mainly on research and development. The results of these collaborations culminated in a number of successful developmental milestones. During this period, the Company has recognized that its modular algae cultivation system delivers multiple sustainable advantages over other technologies in the phototrophic algae growth field.

To-date, Symbiotic has invested several million dollars in the development of its technology. The Company has also been awarded several grants, including research and development funding assistance from provincial and federal levels of government.

The hard work is beginning to pay off, the Company is now emerging as an industry leader within the algae cultivation field. Symbiotic’s corporate business strategy is to form strategic joint venture business relationships with key industry partners to provide algae growth solutions to address specific industry needs. Going forward, the Company is very optimistic about the future and the innumerable opportunities for commercial deployment of the algae cultivation system.

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