Symbiotic's Algae Cultivation Technology

Growing microalgae year round north of the 45th parallel, outside in the elements, using conventional methods poses a formidable challenge eight months of the year. Drawing on a lifetime of experience gained from working in the heavy equipment and oilfield equipment development field, Symbiotic’s founder, Art Deane enthusiastically embraced the challenge to devise a solution. After several months of basic research followed by a year of in-depth applied research and testing of various prototypes, Deane unveiled a concept prototype. He then enlisted the help of experts from relevant disciplines and from combined efforts, the Modular Algae Cultivation Biofield™ (Mac-B™) system was born.

The Mac-B™ system was designed for cultivating algae in regions around the globe where it is the prevailing belief that erratic climate and various other prohibitive factors would make these regions unfavorable for algae cultivation. The system utilizes wastewater, waste heat, CO2 and other waste streams emitted from present day industrial and agricultural processes as inputs, towards the goal of achieving a net neutral carbon demand.

The Company engineered the system of easily deployable photobioreactor modules, that utilize both solar and artificial light. It incorporates a one-of-a-kind media agitation system and a gas mixing and delivery system for delivering specially formulated nutrients, developed specifically for the Mac-B™ to most effectively accelerate algal growth.

The Mac-B™ overcomes the limitations of first generation photobioreactor technologies, unlocking the ability to co-locate algae cultivation activities, in extremely hot, moderate or cold climates, in close proximity to waste emitters regardless of their geographic local. The Mac-B™ effectively enables utilization and “monetization” of non-productive waste in the process of growing algal biomass.

The Mac-B™ takes advantage of algae’s ability to quickly utilize non-productive waste streams, transforming them into biomass that in-turn is used in the production of multiple output products, where all these output products have significant commercial value and well recognized market demand. Further extraction and fractioning of the oils from the algal biomass and follow-on refining represents an endless opportunity for sustainable value-added economic activities into perpetuity.

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