A system for creating value from liability waste streams.
A 3D image of the Mac-B™ system surrounded by industries in which it can be used. A 3D image of 64 module biofield. A picture of the ACS-2k, 2m3 bio-reactor module

Symbiotic — The Company

Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc. ("Symbiotic" or “the Company”) is a privately held corporation based in Alberta, that is actively engaged in commercializing its advanced modular algae cultivation system. Symbiotic developed this system for growing microalgae in temperate and inclement weather conditions utilizing liability waste, discharged from industrial and agricultural processes.

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Commercial Scale Algae Cultivation Reality in a Global Context

Algae has the capacity to transform non-productive waste emissions into bio-molecules that can be used to produce a wide range of high value products and bioenergy. It also presents a number of practicable mechanism’s for solving very pressing global challenges, particularly where it concerns reducing green house gas emissions, creating new sources of nutritional foods, and providing an alternative measure for preserving energy and water resources.

Realistically though, if algae is in fact to become the “Magical Solution”, the growing process must take advantage of every available waste streams, in order for it to be economically viable. This would require systems for growing algae to be easily adaptable to existing waste emissions wherever they exist, whether industrial or agricultural. This is the core thinking that has guided how the Company has approached the development of its algae cultivation system.

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