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ACS-125K, Cylindrical Centrifugal Radial Swirl (CCRS) – Algae Cultivation System (PCT patent pending)

Similar to the ACS-42K, the ACS-125K, CCRS is designed to operate in sunbelt regions using only natural lighting. It also has the option for using LED lighting to enable growing algae 24/7, 365 days per year, making it adaptable for use in any geographical region. The optional LED lighting includes a novel surface mounted, low energy, high efficiency NANO LED lighting technology, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability. Its weatherized and unaffected by daily or seasonal changes in climate/weather and is insusceptible to extreme weather events. The ACS-125K, CCRS has a media capacity of 125,000 liters (125m3) per module. The commercial scale modular algae cultivation biofield™, (Mac-B™) as illustrated below, is configured with 2 x 64-module biofield™ which provides a very large processing capacity that fits comfortably in a 4-acre footprint. Its further scalable by simply coupling additional modules together to accommodate the volume of waste streams (wastewater or CO2) available. A single agitation motor drives up to four modules, making scaling achievable without any significant increase in energy demand.

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