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ACS Products

Symbiotic EnviroTek is an industry leading supplier of commercial-scale algae cultivation equipment for:

  • Academic & Research institutions
  • Algae related pilot studies
  • Inoculum culture development
  • Large scale commercial projects


The ACS-2K, SB is an algae cultivation platform designed for growing microalgae indoors, in a laboratory setting, or outdoors in-the-field.


The ACS-2K, C is an algae cultivation platform designed for growing microalgae outdoors in-the-field. It is built for cold weather applications and comes assembled with-in the confines of a modified 53-ft ISO shipping container.

ACS-26K, 40ft ISO Skid Frame

The ACS-26K is a 26m3 algae cultivation photobioreactor (PBR), designed for growing microalgae for food-grade biomass production, CO2 utilization and treating wastewater. It is modular, portable and scalable by coupling or stacking multiple modules together.

ACS-42K, Cylindrical Centrifugal Radial Swirl (CCRS)

The ACS-42K, CCRS is designed to operate in sunbelt regions using only natural lighting. It also has the option for using LED lighting to stimulate algae growth 24/7, 365 days per year, improving productivity both in sunbelt and enabling algae growth in other regions.

ACS-125K, Cylindrical Centrifugal Radial Swirl (CCRS)

The ACS-125K,CCRS has a media capacity of 125,000 liters (125m3) per module. The commercial scale modular algae cultivation biofield™, (Mac-B™) as illustrated below, is configured with 2 x 64-module biofield™ which provides a very large processing capacity that fits comfortably in a 4-acre footprint.