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ACS-26K, 40ft ISO Skid Frame

The ACS-26K is a 26m3 algae cultivation photobioreactor (PBR), designed for growing microalgae for food-grade biomass production, CO2 utilization and treating wastewater. It is modular, portable and scalable by coupling or stacking multiple modules together. The ACS-26K cultivation biofield™) consist of three modular units. The Head Control Module (HCM) which houses the PLC and Water-Gas-Mixing-Unit (WGMU). The WGMU is used for pre-batching the growth media. The Algae Cultivation Module (ACM) houses the PBR trough. The Harvesting and Separation Module (HSM) contains the equipment for harvesting and separating the algae biomass. It also houses the treated water final filtration system. The HCM and HSM can be configured to support up to four ACM modules, (4 x 26m3 = 104,000 liters) should expansion of the algae cultivation biofield™ be necessary. The 26m3 PBR trough is built within the dimensions of 40-foot ISO shipping container frame. The ACS-26K cultivation biofield™ can be assembled inside a building, or outside under a shaded structure in warmer climates. They can also be stacked one on top the other to reduce its physical footprint.

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